Placement Letters and Supply Lists

I vividly remember the feeling of anxious excitement and anticipation when it was time for the placement letters to be mailed home when I was in elementary school at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Westfield, NJ. My friends in the neighborhood and I would sit on our front porch and watch for the mail truck. When it was spotted we took off running and practically knocked over Mr. Bean, our mailman. “Not today, kids.” he would say and we would slowly walk back home wondering: Who is my teacher going to be? Will my friends be in my class? Will my teacher like me? Will the other kids like me?

The next day our waiting game would repeat itself until finally the day came when Mr. Bean would say – “Today is your lucky day kids!” He would pass out our letters one by one and wait with us as we ripped open that letter to find out who would be our teacher for the year. And then the phone calls would start – it was so fun to find out the makeup of the class!

I know children (and parents) across Barre are anxiously awaiting the placement letters and I appreciate your patience! I assure you they will be mailed no later than Monday, August 18th. Stay tuned to this blog as I will post when they are mailed.

The good news is that you can access the supply lists through our homepage now or simply click here.

Warm Regards,

Ms. V

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