Communication Plan

Good evening,

I first want to thank you all for the warm welcome I received this past month since starting at Ruggles Lane. It is clear to me, even in such a short time, that this is a very warm and supportive community. Not only was that evident in the welcome you all gave but it is evident as I walk through the hallways as students are polite and respectful and always ready with a warm greeting! A respectful learning community is the foundation of the work we do each day so thank you for sending us polite learners each day!

To those I have not yet had a chance to meet, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow night (Thursday) at Open House, from 6:00-7:00.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to share with you my communication plan. I strongly value the home-school connection and feel as though the stronger that connection is, the better we are able to work together to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of our children. To this end, I set up the following vehicles to communicate with you:

  • Blog: Our blog can be found at I will regularly update this site with news and pictures from our day . The goal of this blog is to share the wonder of our learning community with you. When you visit the page there is a ‘Follow’ button on the lower right which you can click to sign up to follow the blog. Doing this will allow you to get an email each time the site is updated. This will be my primary method of communication.
  • Facebook: Ruggles Lane also now has a Facebook page – All blog sites will also be cross posted here for easy access for those who are on Facebook.
  • Barre Blast: The Barre Blast is a newsletter with upcoming dates that will be sent out at least every other week. Click here to read last week’s! This will also be cross posted to the blog and to Facebook.
  • Email: I am very accessible via email and work to respond to each email within 24-48 hours. Should you find that a response time takes longer, please do not hesitate to resend your message. If it is an urgent matter, I recommend that you call the Office.

My goal is to be acccessible to you all as needed – whether you want to share something positive that has happened in your child’s life here at school or you have a question or a concern, please know that I want to hear from you. My job is to make this the most enjoyable place to learn and to grow for your child and we need to work together in order to achieve that goal. I look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Warm Regards,

Julie Vincentsen

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