Socktober: One Last Push


We will be extending the clothing drive one more day to end after a weekend. With the questionable weather this weekend, a good family activity might be to go through closets! We are accepting donations of clothing from infant to adult with an emphasis on winter clothes.

We will end the drive the same way we began with a Crazy Sock Day on Monday ūüôā

lostandfoundOn a related topic, do you recognize any of the clothes in this picture? This is our overflowing lost and found pile. Tables will be set up in the front hall and the clothes will be spread out next week. The tables will be up for the PIN Thursday (7:00-8:00) for families to look through as well. Anything not claimed by the time we donate our Socktober clothes will be donated to the Nurse’s Office or to the clothing drive.

Halloween Letter

A letter was sent home regarding Halloween yesterday. Click here to read that letter. I have been hearing from some people that they are not receiving emails from me. They are being sent through our data management system. If you are not receiving these emails, the email is either entered incorrectly in the system or there is a glitch in the system. I am currently working with the tech director to investigate this. A letter will come home via home folders next week so that we can check who is getting emails and who is not.

Socktober: Help Us “Make the World More Awesome”


Today we had our first¬†all school community meeting¬†in which we watched Kid President’s Socktober video for 2014. It began by making a challenge, “Today I want to challenge all of us to use the Internet to do something awesome.” What a great challenge for our digital citizens! Kid President¬†is challenging people all over the world to “be better friends to our neighbors who are homeless” by organizing a world-wide sock drive for¬†Socktober. Last year over 1 million people took action; this year he hopes to reach 2 million.

Kid President is using the power of social media to spread his message and we, at Ruggles Lane, are jumping in to participate! He challenged us to look at our community, and the communities around us, and come up with a plan that will fit our needs. At Ruggles Lane our plan is to assist those in the community of Barre who may need support to get prepared for the winter ahead of us. Our action steps are:

  • Friday, October 17th: Crazy Sock Day to kick off our drive
  • October 17th-October 31st: Clothing drive – We are looking for volunteers to gather and decorate collection boxes. If you would like to help with this part of our drive, please contact Ms. V via email.
  • Week of November 3rd: Laundry week – We are looking for parent volunteers to assist in this effort. We are also hoping to get a local laundromat or dry cleaner to donate their time or their machines. If you would like to help with this part of our drive, please contact Ms. V.¬†via email.
  • Week of November 10th: Prior to donating our items to the Gardner Community Action Committee, we would like to open a store (free of charge) for the residents of Barre. The store will be open from 5-7 each night and families can come in to get needed items. More details will be coming home closer to this time,¬†but please help us to spread the word!
  • Monday, November 17th: All remaining items will be donated to the Gardner Community Action Committee.

This ten year old boy and his father are on a mission to make the world a better place.¬†How will your family help us “to make the world more awesome?” Click here¬†for a pdf of the flyer that went out in backpacks today in case you can help us to spread the word!

October PIN Rescheduled

Good afternoon,

Due to an unexpected conflict with QRHS’ Open House, also scheduled for tomorrow evening, we will be rescheduling our October Parent Information Night. While I am disappointed to reschedule, I heard from several families that they were disappointed they would not be able to attend. In an effort to enable as many families to participate as possible, we will be rescheduling.

I am currently working with the teachers who were participating to schedule a new date. Once we have confirmation of that date, we will send home a flyer as well as post it electronically. Our goal is to provide at least two weeks notice.

Thank you for your understanding.


Ms. V

World Teachers’ Day: Celebrating My Top Ten

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization sets aside October 5th as World Teachers’ Day. This is an annual celebration “devoted to¬†appreciating, assessing, and improving the educators of the world.” I want to join with others around the world in¬†appreciating¬†some¬†of the teachers who influenced my development. While I am fortunate that there are many others, this is my top ten!

  • Miss Mastrionni, Grade 1, Franklin Elementary, Westfield, NJ: Thank you for fostering¬†in me a love of reading and an understanding that there is an adventure in each book!
  • Phil Dietterich, Methodist Church, Westfield, NJ: Thank you for instilling in me a love for all things musical.
  • Camp Arcadia, Casco, ME: Thank you for inspiring¬†me to make the world a better place because I have been it.
  • Jim Szeyller, Presbyterian Church, Westfield, NJ: Thank you for challenging¬†me not to believe everything people tell me but to ask questions and to form my opinion.
  • Mr. Grigsby, English and History, Oakwood High School, Oakwood, OH: Thank you for teaching me how to write and for showing me the importance and power of perspective.
  • Mr. Slagel, Physics, Oakwood High School, Oakwood, OH:¬†Thank you for teaching me that hard work, effort and perseverance are the keys to success.
  • Karen Beckwith, Political Science, College of Wooster, Wooster, OH:¬†Thank you for teaching me that hard work, effort and perseverance are the keys to success.
  • Penn GSE: Thank you for teaching me to be guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.
  • Beth Wittcoff, Principal: Thank you for believing in me, helping me to be the best teacher I could be and for teaching me about the power of our words.
  • John D’Auria, Leadership Licensure Program: Thank you for teaching me the importance of culture, the art of listening and the power of the difficult conversation.

Who makes it into your top ten?


“Invest in the future. Invest in teachers.” UNESCO