Socktober: Help Us “Make the World More Awesome”


Today we had our first all school community meeting in which we watched Kid President’s Socktober video for 2014. It began by making a challenge, “Today I want to challenge all of us to use the Internet to do something awesome.” What a great challenge for our digital citizens! Kid President is challenging people all over the world to “be better friends to our neighbors who are homeless” by organizing a world-wide sock drive for Socktober. Last year over 1 million people took action; this year he hopes to reach 2 million.

Kid President is using the power of social media to spread his message and we, at Ruggles Lane, are jumping in to participate! He challenged us to look at our community, and the communities around us, and come up with a plan that will fit our needs. At Ruggles Lane our plan is to assist those in the community of Barre who may need support to get prepared for the winter ahead of us. Our action steps are:

  • Friday, October 17th: Crazy Sock Day to kick off our drive
  • October 17th-October 31st: Clothing drive – We are looking for volunteers to gather and decorate collection boxes. If you would like to help with this part of our drive, please contact Ms. V via email.
  • Week of November 3rd: Laundry week – We are looking for parent volunteers to assist in this effort. We are also hoping to get a local laundromat or dry cleaner to donate their time or their machines. If you would like to help with this part of our drive, please contact Ms. V. via email.
  • Week of November 10th: Prior to donating our items to the Gardner Community Action Committee, we would like to open a store (free of charge) for the residents of Barre. The store will be open from 5-7 each night and families can come in to get needed items. More details will be coming home closer to this time, but please help us to spread the word!
  • Monday, November 17th: All remaining items will be donated to the Gardner Community Action Committee.

This ten year old boy and his father are on a mission to make the world a better place. How will your family help us “to make the world more awesome?” Click here for a pdf of the flyer that went out in backpacks today in case you can help us to spread the word!

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