Kids’ Voice I: Eleanor T. from 3F

Mrs. Franklin, our teacher, said “If you can find out a few uses for bison, you could have a prize and bonus points on Monday.” I was thinking, “Yes! I am totally going to do this!” In Social Studies we are learning about Native Americans because we are talking about Massachusetts and how it first started.

When I got home that day I ran to the computer. Mom asked, “What are you doing, Eleanor?” I exclaimed, “I want to learn more about bison and Mrs. Franklin also said I could get bonus points!” I went to Google and typed in uses for bison and was excited to find a website that was very useful. You should check it out – the picture of the bison poops and everything and there are lots of facts to learn.

I copied as many facts as I could find on my paper and then I had a great idea! I would make a Powerpoint! We have been doing Powerpoints in Media with Mrs. Diaz so I knew exactly what I needed to do. Click here to see my presentation!

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