Kids Voice II: Wright Brothers Facts


My name is Duncan and I am in Mrs. Clark’s 3rd grade class at Ruggles Lane. Recently I had to do a biography project. I chose the Wright Brothers because they made man’s first flight. I did not know about the Wright Brothers before hand but I know about their entire life story from birth to death now!

I used voice note and wrote a paper with facts. My mom and I also went on a website to learn more about them. Did you know they had two older brothers, one younger sister and two siblings who died as babies?

Part of our project was to make a puppet. As you can see from the picture above, I didn’t just make the puppet. I also made the 1903 plane with my Papa. I covered the wings with the sticky paper. My Papa and I found a good shape for the propellers. My mom and I made the puppets together out of water bottles. It was a lot of fun! For my presentation today, my brother Braden was Wilbur Wright and I was Orville. This was a family project! Click here to watch my presentation to the class!

The most interesting thing I learned was that they were interested in making man’s first flight. In 1900 they made a glider and it didn’t work. In 1901 they made a glider and it didn’t work. In 1902 they made a glider but they needed to power it and they added an engine and propellers. In 1903 they finally finished the plane that they were going to fly and on the last try when Orville was trying it he flew it and that was man’s first flight.

Another fun fact I learned from my project is that the Wright Brothers lived on Hawthorne Hill in Oakwood, Ohio, a suburb of Dayton, Ohio. Ms. V went to high school in that town. Her high school is down the street and she went sledding down the big hill at their house!

One of the things I learned is that it is important to never give up when you make a mistake. If the Wright Brothers had given up then maybe we wouldn’t have airplanes and we couldn’t get places that are far away.

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