What Are You Reading? RLS Wants to Know!


In addition to Summer Reading Bingo, we are putting out an additional challenge for our RLS readers! The incentive at the end of this one is the opportunity for two readers to be the Principal for the Day so read on to hear what this challenge is all about!


When I am not working or on vacation, in the summer, this backyard oasis is where you will find me. Whether it be early morning with a cup of coffee, poolside in the afternoon, or at the end of the day on a cool evening, this is one of my favorite spots to read. Already this summer I have read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, The Bone Tree by Greg Isles, and The Marriage Game by Alison Weir. I am currently reading China Girls by Lisa See and I am in a professional book club that is reading Beyond the Bake Sale. Clearly this spot is working for me 🙂

Whenever I finish a really good book (all of the above fall into that category) I am filled with mixed emotions. While I am sad to leave the characters and the storyline behind, I am excited about being able to begin a new journey with a new book! But how does one decide what to read when there are so many choices available? Personally, I always reach out to friends and family members whom I know are voracious readers to pick their brains.

As I was chatting with a friend on Facebook about what books to read this weekend, I thought to myself, “Why aren’t we using the RLS Facebook page to do this for kids?” So, I am reaching out to all of you to do just that!

I would like to encourage all RLS readers to share what they are reading with one another on our Facebook page. To do so parents can help their child(ren) to visit the RLS Facebook page and post a book review that includes:

  • The title and author of the book,
  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 is high) what would you rate it?
  • Why would you give it that rating?
  • What age level would you recommend it for?

Book reviews can be just text but here are some suggestions to make your book review post into a fun activity:

  • Post a picture of your child reading the book in his/her favorite spot and include a description of the spot
  • Post a video of your child doing a newscast to recommend the book
  • Use an app called ChatterPix to have the book come alive during the book review
  • Get a group of friends together who all read the same book and have them do the review together
  • The possibilities are endless – I am looking forward to seeing your ideas!

If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still participate by sending your book review to me at jvincentsen@qrsd.org and I will post it to the Facebook page for you.

For every book review students submit, their name will be added to a drawing to be Principal for the Day when we come back to school. We will have two student winners – one in K-2 and another in 3-6 so get those book reviews posted!

Happy Reading!