Sharing the Love for RLS


Today, for the 100th day, and in celebration of Valentine’s Day this weekend, every member of the RLS community was encouraged to finish the following sentence starter:


The responses are being collected and will be posted on the front doors of our school in clusters of 100.  This was just one way we celebrated the 100th day but we wanted to share the love with all of you and look forward to having you see our hearts adorned on our front doors starting tomorrow. For now, check below for some samples!

I know it will come as no surprise to any of you that of the 232 responses we have gotten so far, 81 mentioned teachers or other staff members! I want to take this opportunity to again thank our staff for being so kind and caring and developing strong relationships with all of our RLS kids! Clearly, your hard work is making a difference in their lives!

What is one thing you love about RLS? Feel free to add that in the space available below to comment!

The teachers

The 100th day of school and wearing pajamas to school

That there is a playground, a field and a blacktop

Gym, art, media, snack, Writer’s Workshop, reading – well everything!

Playing for the all superior purple team

A safe environment where everyone can be themselves

The mashed potatoes and gravy at lunch, the teachers and the memories

That I get to see my teachers and friends everyday

That I made a lot of friends and they treat me so well. They are the best!

When we are all working together on projects for the whole school!

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