RLS Summer Reading Recommendations


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For each entry submitted, the child’s name will be entered into a raffle. When school starts, names will be picked – two student names will be chosen to be Principal for the day and one student will be chosen to win the newest edition of the Harry Potter series.


ladypancakeLillian M. (gr. 1) Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast by Josh Funk I would recommend this poetry book to anyone 5-11 years old. It is fun and silly about fighting and sharing. Star Rating:  5

biscuitLillian M. (gr. 1) Biscuit Goes Camping by Alyssa Satin Capucilli I would recommend this fantasy to anyone 4-7 years old. Biscuit keeps getting into things.  Camping looks fun! Star Rating:  5

friendsLillian M. (gr. 1) Friends Help Each Other by Farrah McDoogle I would recommend this fantasy to anyone 5-7 years old. Daniel helps Katerina clean up all her messes. Star Rating:  5

coolmotorLucas J. (Kindergarten) Once Upon a Cool Motorcycle Dude by Kevin O’Malley This book is recommended for readers in all grades. I love fairy tales and folktales so I picked this book out.  The story is told by a boy and girl who have to tell a fairy tale to their class. They have different ideas and don’t always agree on the characters and plot. It was a fun story to read with my mom, Mrs. Josephson (who helped me write this review).


Ms. V (staff) Little Tree, by Loren LongThis is a beautiful story about the challenges of change, growing up, and letting go. I highly recommend it for readers of all ages!

ridingLucas J. (Kindergarten) Little Red’s Riding’ Hood by Peter Stein This is recommended for readers in Kindergarten and up. This is another book I picked out to read with my mom. Little Red is a nice, little scooter who tries to help out Granny Putt Putt.  Tank, the big, bad monster truck has other plans for Little Red.  This story is best read in a place where you can be loud! KERRUNCHHHA-CHA-CHA!

atlantisWilliam M. (gr. 3) Atlantis: The Lost City? by Andrew Donkin I would recommend this non-fiction book to anyone 6 years old and up. It has a lot of facts about Atlantis.  People will go anywhere to find Atlantis. Star Rating:  5
ninjaWilliam M. (gr. 3) Way of the Ninja by Tracey West
 I would recommend this fantasy to anyone 6 – 10 years old It is an exciting book about an ordinary blacksmith turning into a ninja. Star Rating:  5

Grade 1


Charles M., (gr. 5)  Pokemon:  Save Those Mudkip! by Tracey West & Kathrine Noll I would recommend this fantasy book for 6-7 years olds. If you are a Pokemon lover, this is a book for you.  It is about baby Mudkip almost falling off a waterfall!  So get the book and see what happens. Star Rating:  4

BarbiePresidentLillian M. (gr. 1) I Can be President by Christy Webster I would recommend this realistic fiction book to anyone ages 6-11 years old. Barbie wants to help the students make healthier lunches. Star Rating:  5
littlewitchLillian M. (gr. 1) Little Witch Learns to Read by Deborah Hautzig 
I would recommend this fantasy to anyone who is 7-9 years old. It’s a fun book about how little witch learns to read by herself. Star Rating:  5

dolphintale2Maddie R. (gr. 3) Dolphin Tale 2 adapted by Gabrielle Reyes based on the screenplay written by Charles Martin Smith. I just finished reading Dolphin Tale 2, a non-fiction story. I would recommend this book to kids in Grade 1 and up because some of the words are really tricky! I think you wold like this book because it talks about helping animals, has action, and is about the ocean. I learned a lot about about the CMA (Clearwater Marina Aquarium), including how they help dolphins heal in indoor pools and outdoor pools. A dolphin named Winter was even given a plastic tail when her real tail was damaged in a lobster trap! I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars!

PrintWilliam M. (gr. 3) House of Robots by James Patterson & Chris Grabenstein I would recommend this Realistic Fiction book to anyone 7 years old and older. It is all about robots.  There is a football game with robots. People make a lot of robots do different things.  You should read and find out more! Star Rating:  2paintabllWilliam M. (gr. 3) Paintball Problems by Jake Maddox I would recommend this Realistic Fiction book to anyone 7 – 10 years old. It is about paintball and bullies and how to deal with them.  It is very exciting! Star Rating:  5

Grade 2

luckyAndrea Z. (gr. 6) Lucky by Wes Tooke: I would recommend this book for 2nd grade and up. I would give this book 4 stars. I like this book because a boy who loves baseball turns out to be the New York Yankees batboy even though he can’t play baseball. He soon learns how to play. He is taught by Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.

dd1-large11Madison P – Dork Diaries 1: Tales from a Not So Fabulous Life (book review coming soon)

dragonbreathCharles M (gr. 5) Dragon Breath by Ursula Vernon I would recommend this fantasy book to anyone aged 8-11 years old. This series is great because it has adventures in mythical Japan everywhere.  There are cool monsters so borrow or buy this series. Star Rating:  4

MonsterStoriesWilliam M. (gr. 3) Monster Stories by Andy Charman I would recommend this poetry book to anyone 8 – 10 years old. It is all about monster poetry.  It has funny poems and stories.  My favorite story is “Alien Exchange”. Star Rating:  4

Grade 3

belvpromoCharles M. (gr. 5) Belvedere and Friend Comic Book by George Crenshaw I would recommend this comic book to anyone 9 – 76  years old! If you love newspaper comics, this is the book for you.  Belvedere is hilarious!  And a bit of a trouble maker! Star Rating:  5

harleysWilliam M. (gr. 3) Harley Davidson Motorcycles by Jesse Young I would recommend this non-fictionbook to anyone 8 years old and older. It has motorcycle history.  Motorcycles helped Veterans calm down. Star Rating:  3

KeepersMs. V (staff) Benjamin Pratt & The Keepers of the School: We the Children by Andrew Clements Ben’s school is an historic building on the coast of MA – his classroom on the third floor has a view of the ocean!! The town has decided to sell the property to an amusement park company to raise money for a new school and to bring money and tourism to the town. Initially Ben was ok with the sale but when he is given the charge to save the school, his attitude changes. This mystery is the first in a six book series and is sure to draw you in fast – I finished in two days! I give this book 4 stars and recommend it to readers in grade 3 and up!

Grade 4

becauseofmrteruptAndrea Z. (gr. 6) Because of Mr.Terupt by Rob Buyea: I would recommend this book for 4th grade and up. I would give this book 5 stars. I liked that Rob Buyea made 7 totally different people join together and make one big group. It also teaches the kids  to work together.

Fever1793Andrea Z. (gr. 6) Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson: I would recommend this book for 4th grade and up. I would give this book 5 stars. This book is about a fourteen year old girl who lived during the outbreak of  yellow fever in Philadelphia.

DragonologyCharles M. (gr. 5) Dragonology by Dr. Ernest Drake I would recommend this fantasy book to anyone aged 10 – 100 years old If you are a dragon lover, this is a book for you.  It has facts and stats of dragons.  I couldn’t put the book down! Star Rating:  5++++

BeastQuestCharles M. (gr. 5)  Beast Quest:  Spiros, The Ghost Phoenix by Adam Blade I would recommend this fantasy book to kids who are 10 – 15 years old. If you like Phoenixes, this is the book for you.  It has adventure and fantasy.  This is a great book! Star Rating:  5

warthatsavedmylifeMs. V (staff) The War That Saved My Life, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley – I give the book 5 stars (highest possible) and recommend it for readers interested in historical fiction. It is a heart wrenching story of a young girl (9) and her brother who have to leave London during World War II to go live in the countryside.

Every_Soul_a_Star_book_coverMs. V. (staff) Every Soul a Star, by Wendy Mass – Have you ever slowed down at the end of a book because you were sad it was about to end? That’s how I felt about this book and is why I give it 5 stars! It is the story of three  13 year olds who are unlikely friends. Pulled together when their families come together (with thousands of others) to watch a rare solar eclipse, they find they have more in common than they thought!

jellyfishMs. V (staff) The Thing About Jellyfish, by Ali Benjamin – This book is a heart-wrenching tale of a young girl who loses a friend. As she works through her grief at the same time she is struggling with the divorce of her parents, readers journey with her through the difficulties and joys of early adolescence. This book is a page turner that will surely grab your heart and your imagination. I give it five stars!!!

rainreign3dMs. V (staff) Rain, Reign, by Ann Martin – For those of you who do not know, I had a dog growing up named Apple. We were inseparable and I loved him like a best friend. For this reason, I empathized with Rose, the narrator of this story. In this book, you will be brought into Rose’s mind as she artfully tells her story – that of a high functioning autistic girl working to make her way in 5th grade. It is an amazing story that brought me to tears on at least two occasions! Five stars!!!! (Warning – her dad is not a super nice man…)
jacks-booksMrs. Josephson (staff) Red, Rump, and Jack by Liesl Shurtliff  These books are recommended for readers in grades 4 and up – If you enjoy fairy tales and folktales, check these out! When I found out there was more than one book by L. Shurtliff, I ordered the other 2 books right away!  The three fun and humorous books are based on the stories, Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, and Jack & the Beanstalk.  I loved how the author retold these stories from the point of view of these well-known characters and intertwined other fairy tale characters.

circusMrs. Josephson (staff) Circus Mirandus by Cassie Beasley:  Another book about magic…celebrating the power of seeing magic in the world.   The cover of this book caught my attention, just like A Snicker of Magic.  The main character, Micah reminded me of James from James and the Giant Peach.  He is a sweet boy who has to deal with his mean Aunt Gertrudis.  Fortunately, Micah still has his loving, mischievous, magical grandfather to give him hope.  He also becomes friends with Jenny Mendoza – a very loyal friend! I thought the beginning of the book started out a bit slow but the pace quickened and I didn’t want the story to end.  If you are looking for a book that is unique, charming, and magical then check it out.  Great read aloud for readers in grades 4 and up who are looking for a fun, whimsical read! (292 pages)

Grade 5

Cover of The Crossover by Kwame AlexanderMrs. Josephson (staff) The Crossover (received Newbery Medal), by Kwame Alexander – I would recommend this novel in verse to 5th graders and older. I have to admit that I’m not a huge basketball fan and this book was about basketball.  However, I LOVED this book and didn’t move off the couch until I finished it!  There was so much about this book that was EXCELLENT!  I can’t wait to discuss this book with those of you who read it.  It is a MUST read! Go find a copy NOW! Star Rating:  5+!!!!

snickerMrs. Josephson (staff) A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd:  I had a hard time putting this book down and I was glad to that it was a rainy, cool weekend so I could spend some extra time reading. The main character, Felicity is a “word collector” and she sees words everywhere.  This book is about the magic of words and stories.  I loved the language in the book and wanted to highlight so many words, phrases, and paragraphs.  It’s a “spindiddly” and magical book!  I can’t wait to read N. Lloyd’s next book, The Key to Extraordinary. I’d recommend this 311 page book to readers in grades 5 and up who like fantasy stories.

Grade 6

offthepageAndrea Z. (gr. 6) Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer: I would recommend this book for 6th grade and up. I would give this book 4 stars. I liked that Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer made a girl’s fairy tale come true. Both the human world and the storybook world want the same person. The person that the girl falls in love with.

harry-potter-audiobooksQuinn T-O – Harry Potter series (book review coming soon)

the-hunger-games-books-1-3Quinn T-O – Hunger Game series (book review coming soon)