09/29/16 RLS 6th Grade Computer Chips

by: Kyle,Kylie, Rose, Andrea,Tyler, and Harry


Hello we are the Computer Chips! We are the first Ruggles Lane technology club! The people in this group are: Abby, Andrea, Eliana, Harry, Kathrine, Kyle, Kylie, Liam, Olivia, Quinn, Rose and Tyler! We will be posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, look for our hashtag; #RLSComputerChips!

The purpose of the group is to learn about new technology and teach other students or teachers about the technology we are planning to learn about. Some of the things we want to learn about is green screen technology, Skype, Touchcast and how to post appropriately  on social media. We will also be blogging regularly about events at Ruggles Lane.

This year we have a few goals. We want to communicate with other schools across the country. If we could, we would like to teach the other schools about other technology that they may not know about. We would want their knowledge about technology to expand. Maybe other schools can teach us about technology we may not know too!

We are the 6th grade RLS Computer Chips! Our hashtag is #RLSComputerChips. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Goodbye!






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