09/30/16 New RLS Library

by Olivia, Eliana, Katherine, Quinn, Abby, Liam from the #RLSComputerChips

rlscomputerchips-032This year we have a new library. When you enter the library, the first thing you’ll notice is the shelves and shelves of books. One of the new things about the library is the addition of new and popular books and series. Some types of books available are: Animal Fantasy, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Mysteries, Action & Adventure, Poetry, Songs & Rhymes, Short Stories, Picture books, Graphic Novels, Sports Books, Author Study Books, Dictionaries, and Thesauruses. When you sort through the many books and pick a few you like, it’s time to read. The library gives you many reading spots, including comfy bean bag chairs, stability balls, and large tables. So, next time you visit the school library, find a book, plop in a bean bag chair, and enjoy.

The library was renovated with the help of parents, students, ex-students, and faculty.  Mrs. Josephson oversaw the whole thing. Olivia and Eliana interviewed Mrs. Josephson and got some information about the library.

Q: What are the benefits of the library?

A: It gives access to books for kids and they are free.

Q: What is your favorite part of the library?

A: “Anywhere I can reach a book.”

Q: What inspired you to redo the library?

A: Kids wanted to read more books and they wrote persuasive essays about re-opening the library.

We love the new bean bag chairs, stability balls, and books. It really made the library a more enjoyable place to read. We don’t have to check out books anymore because the school trusts everyone to make the right decision. We hope you love the library too!


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3 thoughts on “09/30/16 New RLS Library

  1. Another great post! One of the favorite titles in our library is Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier. Do you guys also like that one? She is on Twitter too, @goraina. You should try and connect with her!

    Keep reading!


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