10/11/16 The Magazine Drive


Ruggles Lane School does the Magazine Drive every year to help the fifth graders go to Nature’s Classroom. People can buy magazines to help our school. Kids earn prizes for the amount of magazine orders they get.


Prize How many sales Turn in day
Webkinz plush 3 sales 9/29/16
Emoji mystery bag 5 sales 9/29/16
Lucky ducks A duck per sale 10/12/16
Emoji pillow 8 overall sales Both days
Limo lunch 13 overall sales Both days
Inflatable chair 17 overall sales Both days
Android tablet 25 overall sales Both days

Tomorrow is our last turn in day for magazine orders. So make sure you remember your last orders! For each order you bring in, you get a duck.  Some ducks have shapes or numbers on the bottom. Each of the designs has a different meaning. They all resemble extra prizes you can get.

We interviewed Mr. McNiff and here’s what he said

Q: What are the benefits of the Magazine Drive?

A: Major, major, major, major, major fundraiser for Nature’s Classroom.

Q: What is the best part of the magazine drive?

A: Promoting school spirit and earning the prizes.

Q: How long has Ruggles been doing the Magazine Drive?

A: About 31 years.

Q: What was the total for last year’s Magazine Drive?

A: $6,789


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