Beware the Fidget Spinner Take Over!

by Shannon C. and Saylor K., 6th Graders, Ruggles Lane School, Barre, MA

Spinners (1)

Fidget Spinners are becoming the new thing in all the school districts. We interviewed students and teachers about the Fidget Spinners. We chose three teachers and a group of boys and girls from each teacher’s homeroom. We asked Mr.Nosek and Mrs. Olson, two sixth grade teachers, who have kids with spinners. Afterwards we asked a fifth grade teacher named Mrs. Hughes and some of her students. We interviewed these teachers and asked, “Do you want your own spinner? If so what color?” 3/3 teachers said they wanted one.

Our next question was, “Do you like the kids having spinners?” These three teachers said that the fidget spinners can be very annoying but can work when used the right way. We talked to some other teachers to get their opinions too. Mrs. Cranston, a first grade teacher, said that the seven of her kids pictured above had fidget spinners and she didn’t even know it because they were so respectful with them. In addition, in Mr. Nosek’s the five students pictured above also were being respectful with their spinners during WINN class. On the other hand, Mrs. Ricchiazzi, a third grade teacher has created a spinner jail for those students who don’t use them appropriately. When that happens the spinner goes to jail for twenty-four hours.

Our third question was, “Do you think that the spinners should be allowed in school?” 2/3 said yes but one said no because people fight over borrowing them and using them the right way. The fourth question was “Do you ever get annoyed?” 3/3 said yes they do, but only when they make noise. The last question was “Do you know anyone out of school with a spinner.” One out of three teachers know people out of school.

Next, we interviewed the kids. We asked them similar questions.  The kids said that they actual make them focus. In addition, the teachers barely take them away. A friend asks them a lot if they can borrow the spinner. The average cost of their spinners are about five dollars.

In conclusion, the spinners are a good idea because they help you focus. However, they can get students off task so make sure you use them respectfully!

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