06/17/18 Barre Blast

Dear Ruggles Family,

We have really made it to the home stretch now! It is hard to believe that we only have five more days together! I want to congratulate the students and staff for 180 days of hard work, effort and fun. We all have so much to be proud of as a school community and I am looking forward to celebrating that with our school family this week.

Please scroll down to see calendar updates and some important updates about Step Up Day K-5 on Friday, Summer Reading, as well as a special last day walk to school.  I also want to encourage you to follow either our Facebook account or our Instagram account as those feeds will give you real time updates of the wonderful things that are taking place in each of our learning communities. In addition to our day-to-day updates, stay tuned in the coming week for a glimpse into Walking Wednesday, Camp Putnam Day, Recognition Night, another field trip for 3rd and lots of smiles! As you can see from the list below, we have so much to look forward to in our last five days together.

Should you have any questions or concerns about anything in this newsletter, or any other aspect of your child’s RLS experience, please let me know. Do not hesitate to give me a call, to send an email or to stop by the office.



End of Year Events

*Events are also posted to our Facebook page so that is a good resource to stay connected too. If you subscribe to the Facebook calendar you will get notifications which are helpful reminders.

  • Monday, June 18: Camp Putnam Grade 6
  • Tuesday, June 19: Barre Town Meeting
  • Wednesday, June 20: Walking Wednesday, 8:00 departure from the Common
  • Wednesday, June 20: Book Swap Day
  • Wednesday, June 20: 6th Grade vs. Faculty Kickball Game
  • Thursday, June 21: 6th Grade Recognition Night, 6:00
  • Friday, June 22: Walking Friday, 8:00 departure from the Common
  • Friday, June 22: Step-Up Day
  • Friday, June 22: Last Day of School, 11:00 Dismissal

Picture of the Week


Kinders made a special gift for their dads this week which entailed making a footprint after their foot was painted. This little friend could not stop giggling! Happy Father’s Day to all of our RLS fathers.



We are on track to be able to announce placement for next year on Friday, Day 180. All students will be given a letter with their teacher assignment on it for next year at the end of the school day, Friday. Should this plan change, we will communicate this with you.


We are so excited to launch a new summer reading project for the summer of 2018. Students are encouraged to share book reviews with one another using an online video making tool called Flip Grid. This easy to use app will allow students to record a 1 minute book review of each book they read. The goal of this project is to share the amazing books we are reading with one another and to get recommendations for more books! Click here to learn more. A handout will be coming home soon as well after your child’s class is introduced to this idea this week.


This week we will walk on Wednesday AND Friday. If you would like to join us, we leave from the Common at 8:00. Usually we get to school with ten minutes to spare for playtime on the playground! We would love to see you there! Parents do not have to walk with us but we do ask that you stay until school staff arrive from the School.
Last year we had such fun walking to school on the last day, we would like to do this again. Last year we had over 100 students join us – how many will be there this week? We hope you can join us to celebrate our 180 days of effort!


This year QRSD will continue to run Fun Frontier, a before and after school program. Click here for their flyer and click here for their brochure. Should you need information, feel free to reach out to the director, Kari Sacramone, at ksacramone@qrsd.org.


As a reminder, our office hours will be 8:00-4:00. During these times, if we do not answer the phone, we are helping another family and ask that you leave us a voice mail. We can also be reached via email at RLS@qrsd.org.
1_school calendar 
Click here for the 2017-2018 QRSD school calendar and here for the 2018-2019 calendar.


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