My Summer Reading Plan

by Mrs. Josephson, RLS Intervention Specialist

Pile1Summer vacation is in full swing! Time for trips to the beach, cookouts, campfires and exploring new place through READING! I love having the extra time to read and catch up on all the books I haven’t had a chance to read during the school year. For the past few summers, I’ve read many of the nominated books for the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award.  After finding that many children lose interest in books after reaching the intermediate grades, Dr. Helen Constant founded the Massachusetts Children’s Book Award Program in 1975. Designed for Massachusetts students in grades 4-6, students are given a master list of book titles. After reading five of the books, students may vote for their favorite (usually in March). The list is compiled from nominations of participating teachers, librarians, and interested publishers. A selection committee works with the nominations and chooses 25 titles to appear on the master list.  For more information and a list of the 2018-2019 nominees go to:

This year, Ms. Vincentsen and a few other teachers (including myself) decided to have a little competition to see who could read the most books from the MCBA list during summer break.  It’s always fun to read, share and discuss similar books with other readers.  Keep posted on how many books we are able to read before the new school year begins.   We hope more students and staff members will join us in reading some of the books during the summer and school year! Happy Reading!






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