11/01/18 Barre Blast

Dear Ruggles Lane Community,

When we initially started writing this on November 1st, we remember thinking, How could it possibly be November already? Recently, we celebrated the 45th day of school and we remembering thinking, wow, we are 1/4 of the way through the school year already!

Part of the reason time flies so quickly, goes back to the old adage, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” We consider ourselves lucky to get to spend time in our classrooms each and every day (well most days) to experience the exciting learning experiences that are happening in our classrooms. One of the goals of our social media presence is to share that excitement with you! To that end, click play on the video below to experience one of the joys of childhood in America – the annual Halloween parade!


Soon, we will be turning our social media accounts over to our 6th graders. They currently are spending time in their X block class learning what it means to be social media interns. Once they complete their training, you will start to see the #6thXBlock added to our posts – that will be your clue that it is a student post. We know they would love to have you comment on their posts so thank you  in advance for that! This will be an authentic way for us to teach digital citizenship and how to be safe and kind on these popular platforms.

Should you have any questions or concerns about anything in this newsletter, or any other aspect of your child’s RLS experience, please let us know. Do not hesitate to give us a call, to send an email or to stop by the office.


Julie & Chris


November Events

*Events are also posted to our Facebook page so that is a good resource to stay connected too. If you subscribe to the Facebook calendar you will get notifications which are helpful reminders.

  • Wednesday, November 14: Walking Wednesday
  • Wednesday, 11/21 – Friday, 11/23: No School, Happy Thanksgiving
  • Wednesday, November 28: Walking Wednesday
  • Thursday, November 29: Picture Retake Day
  • Thursday, November 29: 6th Grade Class Picture
  • Friday, November 30: Trimester I End


Requests Due Friday, November 16th

The holiday season is a happy time to get together with family and friends.  It can also be a stressful and challenging time for families facing financial hardships.  Ruggles Lane School and the Barre community come together to help those who are in need during the holiday season.  We purchase items such as toys, gift cards, clothes, footwear, and outer wear.

If you are facing financial difficulty and need assistance, please provide the following information:

  • Your name, address and contact number (will remain confidential).
  • Name, gender, age and sizes of children in your household (names remain confidential).
  • Gift wish list stating specific requests, etc.

This information should be sent to Terri Consolmagno at tconsolmagno@qrsd.org. You can also send the information to school in a sealed envelope. Should you have questions, please give Terri a call. Requests are due by Friday, November 16th to allow for shopping over the Thanksgiving break. Further information will be sent regarding pick-up after Thanksgiving.

FoodDriveThank you to all who donated to the food drive last month!  We have collected 378.2 pounds of food!  Mrs. Hobson’s kindergarten homeroom was the top collector, weighing in at 49 pounds.  Food will be distributed at the Barre Food Pantry on Wednesday, November 14.   The Food Pantry is located within the Barre Congregational Church. Any family in need is welcomed.

Picture of the Week


A huge shout out to the 5th grade team for planning an engaging Halloween morning that included math, science, fun and pancakes 🙂 It doesn’t get better than that!

RLSReadsWe are excited to provide an opportunity for our Ruggles Readers to share what they are reading throughout the year! Click here for a link to our year-long reading project.


We will continue to walk to school each week again this year. If you would like to join us, we leave from the Common at 8:00. Usually we get to school with ten minutes to spare for playtime on the playground! We would love to see you there! Parents do not have to walk with us but we do ask that you stay until school staff arrive from the School.


This year QRSD will continue to run Fun Frontier, a before and after school program. Click here for their flyer and click here for their brochure. Should you need information, feel free to reach out to the director, Kari Sacramone, at ksacramone@qrsd.org.


As a reminder, our office hours will be 8:00-4:00. During these times, if we do not answer the phone, we are helping another family and ask that you leave us a voice mail. We can also be reached via email at RLS@qrsd.org.
1_school calendar 
Click here for the official QRSD 2018-2019 calendar. You may also click here for a more specific to just RLS.


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