05/26/19 Food Drive Update

Dear Ruggles Lane Community,

As you know, Student Council is running a food drive this month. If we collect 1000 pounds of food, the whole school will get to dunk Ms. V and Mr. Carlson. Because we are close to our goal, we started researching dunk tanks. They were much more expensive than we thought! A cheaper option, and one that we will get to enjoy for years to come, was found on Amazon – it’s called a Soak N’ Wet. Don’t worry, they are still going to get wet just by having buckets of water dumped on their heads instead! The top three winning homeroom will also earn an additional prize to be discussed with the class.

The fifth grade Student Council Representatives made a Public Service Announcement for the Food Drive. Before we were able to publish it, we brought in 300 more pounds of food! We are less than 200 pounds from our goal now! Keep that in mind as you watch the PSA 🙂

Click here or click below to watch the video!

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