Student Voice

student_voiceAre you interested in writing for our school blog? If so, follow these easy steps:

  • 1. Pick a topic: The possibilities are endless! Perhaps you want to share a book review or write about a project you just finished in class. You could share one of your favorite personal narratives that you wrote in Writer’s Workshop. You could do a survey about what kids like at recess and what they would like to see added at recess and then write a letter to Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki. You could write a poem about your favorite things at school. Really, you could write about anything!!! Parents and teachers, you are more than welcome to write a post as well!
  • 2. Write a blog post: Your entry can be as short as a paragraph and as long as you want. Use the skills you have learned in Writer’s and Reader’s Workshop to engage your audience which is our school families!
  • 3. Think about a picture: As any good reader knows, a picture tells a thousand words so be thinking about what pictures you want in your post as every post has to have at least one to accompany it when it is published on social media. Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki can help you with this part in school though so not to worry about taking that at home unless you want to.
  • 4. Submit it to Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki: If your entry is typed, you can email it to Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki or save it to a flash drive and bring it to school. You can also submit entries that are hand written by bringing it down to the Office. Once entries are submitted, Mr. Carlson or Mrs. Musnicki will meet with you to teach you how to use WordPress, the school’s blogging platform.

We look forward to reading about what you have to say!